The Number 33 - Definition

Definitions of Compound Numbers

The Number 33

This number has no individual meaning of its own, but carries the same vibration as the number 24 - except that the magic of love, the extent of originality and creativity, and the promise of eventual financial success are deepened and increased. Due to the double 3, people whose name equals 33 are more fortunate in every way when involved in a harmonious partnership of some kind with the opposite sex, which applies to the career as well as to romantic and marital relationships. This a number of well-deserved karmic reward. 33 people are advised not to abuse the astounding luck which will descend on them at sometime during the life by allowing it to tempt them into laziness, overconfidence, and a feeling of superiority. When a sense of humour and genuine humility accompany the 33 vibration, it's a wonderfully fortunate number.

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