The Number 31 - Definition

Definitions of Compound Numbers

The Number 31
The Recluse - the Hermit

Those whose birth or name number is 3l should first read the analysis of the Compound number 30, because the 3l is very similar to it, except that the person (or entity) represented by this number is even more self-contained, self-sufficient, lonely, and isolated from others. Quite often, genius is present, or at least high intelligence. At some unexpected time in the life, the glittering promises of the world will be suddenly rejected for the peace and quiet of Nature, or, if the response to the 3l is not quite that pronounced, there will nevertheless eventually be a degree of retreat from society in some manner. The 3l person is sometimes opinionated, an advocate of political change, while remaining fixed in personal habits. Even in a crowd, a 3l person will often feel a sense of loneliness and isolation.

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