Your Personal Odyssey Starts Here

Yes. You do have choices, whether you realise it or not.

You can choose the dangerous turn in the Yellow Brick Road to enlightenment by following the deceptive Detour signs to 'group illumination', and risk becoming lost, while you pay, not only a high toll charge in dollars, but the higher price of stilling the always wise voice of your own personal Higher Self - your own intuition ... being taught from within.

Or you can choose an intimate Personal Odyssey, learning to listen to the voice of the Angel of your Higher Self. This is the road which will lead you directly to the Emerald City of enlightenment, not the Oz of pseudo wizards. And you need not walk the road alone. The words of an old song contain a true promise ... "I believe for everyone who's gone astray ... someone will come, to show the way".

That's right. You are entitled to your own Guru. Your own personal Adept or Avatar, who will not only emanate wisdoms of all past Messiahs, but who will lead you into understanding that you, too, are a Messiah. You have the Buddha within you. You needn't look in the Yellow Pages or the telephone directory to locate this special one who will walk along the path with you until you're able to walk alone.

Then, how do you find the Guru you decide to seek alone, without turning your precious minds over to others in expensive, dangerous group seminars? It's really quite simple. Desire. Genuine desire. Desire, when it stems from the heart and the spirit, when it is pure and intense, possesses awesome electromagnetic energy. Released into the ethers each night as the mind falls into the sleep state ... and each morning as it returns to the conscious state ... it will surely and certainly manifest that which has been imaged. You can rely upon this ageless promise as surely as you can rely upon the eternally unbroken promise of sunrise ... and spring.

Often, the initial manifestation of your quest is a series of strange 'coincidences', which are not coincidental at all ... leading you to certain books and websites written about a variety of metaphysical subjects. You can be led to such esoteric works in several ways. Sometimes through a chance remark from friends ... often through your own seemingly aimless but subconsciously purposeful browsing. You'll soon learn to judge for yourself whether a book's contents are misleading or wise by listening to the voice of your own Higher Self, whispering into your inner ear. You'll learn to feel the messages in a short while. Some books you may reject, and others you will inwardly know are teaching a facet of universal truth you can accept.

After you've demonstrated your sincerity of desire by reading the books and websites to which you've trusted your own Higher Self to lead you, by Universal Law, you'll be ready for your personal teacher, who will instruct you in the Socratic method: by asking you questions (not by telling you something), and by helping you remember what you already know but have forgotten.

On your quest for truth, do not blindly accept the validity of the Numerology codes of the Universe which I offer you - until you have practised and carefully tested each one, so that you can decide for yourself rather than take my word for it. 

Love and Light,
Adam Goodman.

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