The Number 30 - Definition

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The Number 30
The Loner - Meditation

This is a number of retrospection, thoughtful deduction, and mental superiority over others. However, it belongs completely to the mental plane, and those represented by it often put all material things to the side, not because they have to, but because they wish to do so. Consequently, the Compound number 30 is neither fortunate nor unfortunate, because it can be either, depending entirely upon the desire of the person (or entity) it represents. The vibration of 30 can be all-powerful, but it is often indifferent, according to the will of the person. Those whose name equals 30, or who were born on the 30th day of any month, generally count few people as their friends. They tend to be taciturn loners, preferring to be alone with their own thoughts. Social functions and public gatherings are not their style. 30 doesn't deny happiness or success, but fulfillment is more often found in retreating from the chaos of the market place, so that one's mental superiority may be used to develop something worthwhile to the world ... to write ideas which may change the world ... or to protect and develop one's personal talents, such as art or other gifts. It indicates a lonely, yet frequently rewarding life pattern.

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