A Final Few Words...

Before you place your faith in even this correct system of numerology, you should try its calculations for yourself. Try the calculations you've learnt on names and birth dates of; relatives, friends, businesses, entities and people you know very well, enough to be able to decide for yourself. You'll be able to discover how numerology works - but most important, if it works. You shouldn't accept that from me or anyone else - only from your own experience. When you get really good at numerology, try it on people and entities you have no knowledge of - see what numerology can reveal to you about unknown things.

Speaking for my own self, I've never been a real sceptic about numerology; nevertheless I have always needed to know the why of every esoteric science, and then I have to test it repeatedly to be certain it's valid. After I had taken the time to really study it, I could see there was no use doubting it. It simply works. 

King Solomon asked God to give him wisdom as "the greatest gift he could receive", and was granted this gift simply because he asked for it. "Ask and you shall receive". "Knock, and it shall be opened unto you". "Seek the truth, and the truth shall set you free".

Love and Light,
Adam Goodman.

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